Garlic Mustard Pull – 2017


No more Garlic Mustard sign For many years, volunteers have been pulling garlic mustard at the Magee Marsh boardwalk area.
The garlic mustard is under control and wild flowers have returned.
However, this is an ongoing project and each year there are some plants that need to be removed.

Small second year garlic mustard





This year Kelly Schott, the new wildlife communications specialist at Magee Marsh, will be organizing Garlic Mustard pulls and you will NOT need to have volunteer permit to help with the project!
Volunteers will be required to fill out a “one day liability form” each day they work. Kelly or her assistant will be on the boardwalk on scheduled days with the forms.

Garlic Mustard pulls are scheduled from noon to 3 pm on...

  • Tuesday, May 2
  • Tuesday, May 16
  • Friday, May 19
  • Tuesday, May 23

Plan to meet at the west end of the boardwalk at noon to sign the liability form. If you can’t be there at the start, find the group on the boardwalk and sign your form before you start working. Kelly hopes to be flexible and reschedule the work day if the weather is bad. We will not be permitted to pull garlic mustard outside of the scheduled times.

Large garlic mustard plants pulled from around boardwalk


Not many days have been scheduled to work on ridding the boardwalk area of garlic mustard, so every volunteer is needed. We can use “spotters” on the boardwalk as well pullers on the ground. Most of the area has only a few plants, except from the east entrance to the big loop intersection, where there is an extremely healthy patch! This is a sad example of what happens when a few plants are missed for a year or two.

Interested volunteers can sign up at the Friends of Magee Marsh Gift Shop in order to be contacted of date changes and receive reminders about the pull dates.

If you have any comments or questions email Dottie McDowell or
call her at 216 219 8430.