Garlic Mustard Pull – Get Your Volunteer Permit Now


No more Garlic Mustard sign Volunteers from Friends of Magee Marsh have been pulling garlic mustard in the boardwalk area for many years. While this is a large job, we have been very successful in preventing garlic mustard from taking over the Magee boardwalk area. Visitors to the boardwalk are excited to see native plants returning to an area which was once infested with garlic mustard. We know that to keep garlic mustard under control it is necessary to remove all flowering plants from the area each year.

Small second year garlic mustardDottie McDowell has applied to ODNR for a permit to continue the project in 2016. Pulling garlic mustard is not a difficult job. The plants pull easily and there is little bending necessary. We need volunteers to help with this project. Dottie has requested permission to pull garlic mustard Monday through Friday, 11.oo am to 4.00 pm, from April 25 to May 5 and again after "The Biggest Week Bird Festival" from May 16 through May 27.

In the past, the Magee Marsh Naturalist was in charge of the garlic pulling project and supervised the volunteers. Without a full time naturalist, volunteers must obtain an ODNR volunteer form, which is good for two years.

Large garlic mustard plants pulled from around boardwalkHow to get a volunteer permit: The permit must be submitted to Bob Ford at the ODNR district office. It is then forwarded to the state office, returned to Bob who will send the permit back to the volunteer. This should take a couple of weeks, but may take two or more months. It is time to submit the applications NOW!

Here is a link to the application form with Bob Ford’s address.

Thanks in advance for your help.