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Spring Wildlife Beach Clean Up

10:00 am at the Wildlife Beach

Give something back to the area by helping us with this clean up.
Make the beach safe for people and wildlife.

Friends of Magee Marsh provide lunch following the clean up.

Refer to Calendar for dates.

Garlic Mustard Pull.

Help us reduce this invasive species along the boardwalk.

*** Check in at the west entrance of the boardwalk. ***

1:00 until 3:00 pm.

Can you work an hour or two to help us reduce this noxious weed from
hiding all of those warblers?

If we all help a little, it will make a BIG DIFFERENCE.
Let's keep up the good work!

*** PS - Bring some gardening gloves. ***

Refer to Calendar for dates.

Coast Weeks Beach Clean up.

Meet at the Wildlife Beach at 10:00 am.

Help us make the beach safe for people and wildlife,

then enjoy a lunch hosted by Friends of Magee Marsh.

Refer to Calendar or Homepage for the date.