Boardwalk Update

Phase IV

Due to a miscalculation during planning and the actual length of the boardwalk, there is still about 60% of the boardwalk yet to be renovated.
A revised estimate indicates we still need to raise $150,000 to complete the project and make the remainder of the boardwalk safe.

The Friends of Magee Marsh need your help.  All contributions are gratefully accepted.

Phase III

map showing completed phasesPhase three was completed in August 2015.  This work sees the finish to the Boardwalk along the channel (at the south east edge) and connected parts of phase one and two. This phase was paid for by an additional $10,000 from the Friends of Magee Marsh. $90,000 was collected in donations and grants between July 2014 and August 2015.

Phase II

map of areas of boardwalk renovation Renovation was completed July 2014. This phase of the project concentrated on replacing decking and hand railing from the renovated bridge at the southern tip, back toward the east entrance.
This was paid for by boardwalk donations of $50,000 collected between March and June, 2014.

Phase I

consisted of rebuilding the 40 foot span bridge over wetland near the southern tip of the boardwalk, strengthening and stabilizing the observation tower at the west edge and renovating both the entrances. Construction was finished the second week in April
The Friends of Magee Marsh donated the $50,000 for this phase of the project.